As you embark upon your IT initiatives, we free you from owning resources, workflows, functions or complexity that you don’t want or need to manage. We work with you to assess your business targets and requirements in terms of people, projects and work functions. Then we fill in where you need us. Whether you require staff augmentation, training, project-based services or full-scale outsourcing, we have the experience and know-how to deliver. As your business evolves, we also help you define, mature and optimize how and where IT work gets done.

Practical Solutions

We partner with many of the clients every year. And we speak with over 1000 IT professionals every week. Our connections into the IT workforce provide us with a real-world pulse on what’s going on in IT, what’s working and who does IT best. We leverage our perspective to construct practical IT services that not only work in theory but where it matters most—in practice. Our methodologies are supported through formal quality management programs to ensure consistent governance, enable us to keep pace with emerging trends and integrate a continuous flow of lessons learned.

Performance that Matters

We are connected to an unparalleled global network of credentialed IT experts, enabling us to quickly assemble teams across a wide range of IT skills. We maintain relationships with 81 percent of the IT workforce and continuously build upon that number. Additionally, our centralized recruiting centers in the U.S. and India are constantly building talent pipelines of IT professionals who possess hot and emerging skill sets. This reach, in tandem with our proprietary Staffing Quality Process, enables us to find the talent you need in each local market—and ensures they are the best suited to accomplish the job at hand.


Staffing Front is personally committed to what we do, finding meaning and purpose in our ability to help our clients and consultants achieve their goals. Whether we’re providing one IT professional to support a minor initiative or managing a full-scale IT program with a significant scope, budget and timeline, we operate as a genuine partner with our clients. Throughout every engagement we lead and support, you can count on our personal commitment to work in your best interest and seek ways to add real business value. Relationships built on trust are everything to us—we will always do what we say we will and stand by our results.


Through hundreds of thousands of daily interactions and careful IT workforce research, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the IT professional. This insight forms a solid foundation for our full range of services. By helping our clients attract, develop and retain great IT people, we empower them to achieve their business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. Our investment into healthy IT talent management practices also fosters renewable capabilities within our client organizations. With teams of great people working together, our clients are more prepared and empowered to respond to the latest IT trends and to benefit from emerging technologies.


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