Enterprise Project Management (EPM) allows organizations to apply consistent project management practices and governance across the entire organization, enabling improved project delivery, visibility and control. When implementing Enterprise Project Management, you need to take into account the organization’s project management maturity, processes, methodologies, organization, culture, technologies and governance structures.

The numerous challenges involved in successfully implementing EPM lead many companies to choose Staffing Front as a partner. Our structured approach to implementing EPM allows our clients to gain from the experience of many successful implementations. This proven process brings best practices and real world experience, shortening your time to value realization and increasing the longer-term return in your investment.

Whether you are interested in implementing some of the elements of EPM to augment your existing capabilities, or are attempting to implement EPM for the first time, we can help. Our consultants have helped clients implement Program Management Offices (PMO’s), project governance frameworks, improve project management planning and control techniques and select & implement enterprise project management tool suites.

As one of the few consulting organizations that has deep enterprise tool knowledge combined with strong process and exceptional delivery experience, we are a uniquely qualified partner to help you improve your project management capabilities.

Importance of Project Governance

Some organizations use their existing management structures for oversight and project governance. There are many problems with this approach; it can slow down decision making, introduce politics into project decisions and significantly reduce accountability for project success.

Without project governance, the decision making framework for ‘business as usual’ activities interfere with business change initiatives and project execution. This can undermine a company’s investments in project management tools, processes and training as well as put the projects themselves at risk.

Some companies confuse or blur the lines between project governance and stakeholder management. In these cases, stakeholders, in a quest to better understand the progress of a project, often feel the need to get more involved and end up in the detailed discussions of committee meetings. This slows down decision making and the stakeholder information needs are rarely met.

Consultants from Staffing Front have experience in helping large organizations set up project governance frameworks for improved decision making, project execution and accountability. By setting up Project Boards or Project Steering Committees with the appropriate authority levels, project decisions are made faster and in a more logical and repeatable fashion. It is also very clear exactly who is accountable for project success.

Management processes are often the last thing implemented in an enterprise project management deployment and in some cases, are left out altogether. Staffing Front can help you successfully implement or improve project governance, putting you on the path to improved decision making, accountability and project success.